Child Development Clinic

The child developmental clinic for the Canyon Creek, Elysian, Elder Grove, Molt, Morin, and Blue Creek School Districts is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2011. Please contact the Elder Grove School secretary at 656-2893 to set up an appointment. This clinic will be held at the Elder Grove School.

This screening provides parents with information about typical development for children ages infant to six years old (Not yet in Kindergarten). It also aids in identifying children who may be at risk for future learning problems or may just need a little extra support in their development.

Each child will be screened individually in the areas of fine and gross motor development, cognitive development (thinking, reasoning, and overall readiness), speech and language development, hearing, general health and vision (3-6 years old). There are free services available for those children who may need that extra support in their development.

All children ages birth thru six years of age who live in your community are welcome!!!

**Appointments are necessary**

For your child to complete the clinic it takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Free of Charge

Questions about this clinic can be directed to the

YWCCSS Coop. Office at 628-7903



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