Principal’s Message……

As the weather is changing outside it is a reminder that the Holiday’s are on their way!  It has been a fantastic start to the year.  We are so fortunate to have such great teachers, kids and families here at Elysian.  We are finishing up strong here for 2011 and are excited about our Christmas Concert on December 20th at 7pm.  It is going to be a great night of music from our talented Elysian Students.  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and say thank you for all you do for Elysian School!


Lucas Larson

No School

December 23rd through January 2nd

Early Out

December 22nd we dismiss at 12:30 pm. The bus will run the normal routes. Please let anyone who transports your children know about the early dismissal.


Holiday Concert

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I am eagerly looking forward to a night filled with music making during the Elysian School Holiday Concert on Tuesday, December 20, at 7:00 pm.  With the concert quickly approaching, I want to remind you and your student(s) of a few expected concert procedures.

All students will not be allowed into their classrooms until 6:30 pm. If you arrive prior to 6:30 please take a seat in the gym or remain near the school office with your students.

At 6:30 please report to the following rooms:

« K-3 students report to their classrooms

« 4th Grade will meet in Mrs. Ingraham’s room.

« 5th Grade will meet in Mrs. Ackerman’s room.

« 6-8 choir members will meet in Mrs. Tallman’s room.

« 6-8 Band members will meet in the music room.

All students are expected to look their best and wear appropriate dress.  Appropriate dress for boys includes dress pants, dress shoes, and a nice shirt (i.e. polo, sweater, dress shirt, etc.).  If dress shoes are not an option, please wear the nicest shoes available.  Appropriate dress for girls includes dresses, skirts, dress pants, a nice blouse, and dress shoes.  Jeans and t-shirts are NOT acceptable.

All students are expected to stay for the entire concert.

Concert etiquette is also an important issue to remember.  Please take a few minutes prior to the concert to go over the following concert etiquette tips with your entire family.  If we all follow these expectations, we can enjoy the concert and show our students how much we care about their performance and hard work!

« Please arrive prior to the start of the performance.

« Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, and watch alarms.

« Please remain seated throughout the duration of the performance.

« Applaud at appropriate times.

« Refrain from talking during the performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 656-4101 or email at

caliematye@elysianschool.org. Thank you!

Mrs. Matye

Manner of the Week

« Dec 19: Push chairs in after use

« Jan 2: Take Turns

« 9: Show appropriate body language

The Staff at Elysian wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

See you on Tuesday, January 3rd


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