YMCA After School Program Starts Aug 22nd

I have great news!! The YMCA Afterschool Program is set to begin at Elysian our first day. If you are interested in the program, you MUST register with the YMCA. The program runs until 6 pm each night and there are scholarships available.


Registration information:
• Registration is open for all participants.
There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee per child.

Call to register:
402 N. 32nd Street
Billings, MT 59101

After School Care*:
Members: $155 per month
Program members: $165 per month
Non-members: $215 per month
Part-time Option (3 days/week)*:
Members: $125 per month
Program members: $ 135 per month
Non-members: $185

*must have 12 kids to run program

Daily Schedules:
Participants will be given a healthy snack when arriving to the After-School Program.
Students will participate in a physical activity daily including: sports, playground or outside play, games, etc. Swimming lessons are included in the program. Participants will be busses to the YMCA 1 day a week for a swimming lesson. Participants will need to be picked up at the YMCA by 6pm.
Students will also have homework support time, participate in arts and crafts, board games, and more.

Early Out/ P.I.R days and Holiday care
These days are included in the monthly fee for After-School participants who are full time only. Registration is required and a day of care may be cancelled by YMCA staff due to no or low enrollments.
Part time participants can register for Holiday Care and pay the additional fee of $20 per Holiday Care Day.
Holiday care is based on your schools calendar and any child may register for these days.
Cost: Members $20 per day, per child, $25 program member, Non Members $30 per day, per child. Registration is required.
Students will need to bring a lunch, snacks, swim suit and towel on these days.
For Part Time, Before Only, and 1 Hour Care participants PIR days are not included.
*Program members are those who pay the $50 per year for their child to participate in county activities.


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