Help Needed

I grabbed this from the Elysian PTO Facebook page. I also want to add that almost our entire student body is outside during the morning recess from 7:55 – 8:15 am., not just our littles.

From FB:
Elysian now educates a total of 210 kids. 160 of those students are K-4. Supervision and adult engagement with this amount of kids during the before-school recess desperately needs to be boosted as 3 teachers cannot safely and properly supervise that many children. Mr. Larson wants to engage more parents in supporting our great school and he has asked us to help with recess. Our kids need more positive encouragement and adult interaction at this critical time of the day when they are transitioning from home to school. It would be ideal if, as parents, we could give a bit of our time back to our kids and their school. Parental volunteers would check in at 7:45 and stay until 8:20-8:30 when recess is over and kids are safely inside their classrooms. If moms and dads could commit once a week or twice a month, that would make a huge difference to the quality of morning recess time. Please respond to this post or call Mr. Larson at the school 656-4101. Thanks.

Mr Larson’s email: lucas larson @ elysian school. org (remove spaces)


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