Spring Fundraiser Begins Soon!

We are excited to bring back Believe Kids fundraising company to our school this spring. Believe Kids offers great gift items ranging from garden flowers to kitchen gadgets to magazines. Our school earns between 40% and 50% for every item sold.

Dates to know:

  • Thursday, February 14th – Fundraiser Begins (look for packets coming home with your student).
  • March 5th – ALL Orders are due. Turn into the school office.(late orders will be accepted but WILL NOT count toward the high seller prizes, if any, that are awarded above and beyond the normal prizes.)
  • Approximately 3-4 weeks from March 8th the orders will be delivered to our school. They are not guaranteed to arrive by the holiday.

Things to remember:

  • Remember selling safety – DO NOT SELL DOOR TO DOOR WITHOUT AN ADULT
  • Collect payment at the time of ordering – checks are made payable to Elysian School
  • Set a goal and prize goal. There are some great prizes to work toward.
  • Have fun!
  • This year we have set a goal of $5000.00 profit – we earned just under $4000.00 in years past so our goal is within our reach! We earn approximately 45% on each sale.  We use these funds to buy many items for our school and students including Eagle Award items, Fall & Winter Feast goodies, gym equipment, playground equipment, programs such as Alberta Bair, guest speakers, field trips and much more.
  • You may also visit www.shopbelieve.com to order online.
  • Forward this online shopping information to anyone you know who would like to support our school. They can shop from the convenience of their homes and don’t have to live in our area to do so.

 Thank you for supporting your school!


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