Troubleshooting: Broadcast Calls to Cell Phones

I have had a handful of parents call and let me know they are getting partial messages on their cell phone voice-mails or when they answer. I’ve been in contact with SchoolReach. It looks like a few other schools have experienced the same problems with cell phones and the message below sums up a possible solution.

The following is a copied message from the help forums.

“I think John is probably right on this one. We went through that back when we first got SchoolReach. After the first several broadcasts, folks knew it was going to be a recording on the call and just stopped saying “Hello” when they picked up. We just had to educate them about how the calls need them to let it know they are there so the recording would play and all the complaints went away. Basically, say Hello once when you answer the phone.

On the same note, we had a few people with those silly “music ring-tones” on their cell phones that were getting fouled by the same function. When you call their cell, a recording of a woman would say, “Please wait while we reach your party.” Then there was about a 3 second pause of silence (presumably while the cell company cued up the music file to play) before the song started. It was that little blurb of speech followed by silence that told SchoolReach it had a person to play our message for. When those people would pick up the phone the message had usually already started and they missed the beginning. Most of those parents were happy to either turn off the feature and save the $7 a month or set our school office phone number to get a regular ringing.”


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