Miss Liter

As some of you know, Kim Liter, one of our teachers is dealing with a major medical issue; her story is below.

Kim: “A year ago, I was a typical, optimistic, and happy college graduate celebrating securing my first official teaching job with Elysian Elementary. As a first year teacher, I was excited to find new and innovative ways to educate our youth and enjoy going to work each day to see their bright faces eager to learn. Now, I struggle to get up and through each day. I wonder and dread how loud class will be. Each day I do my best to pull myself together and hide my pain and discomfort from the children I spend my entire day with. Worst of all, I feel horrible for being, what I consider, a sub-par teacher for my students because I simply cannot give them all of me as I had hoped to. This is just the start of my day, every day.

After several months of struggling with constant migraines, vision problems, ringing in my ears, chronic nausea and digestion issues, sleeping problems, and other unpleasant symptoms, I have finally discovered what is making me so sick. Fortunately I have had the amazing support of my partner and friend, Jon, co-workers, friends, and my family; but I was still losing hope at ever having a full life, at being the vibrant and cheerful girlfriend, daughter, sister, and friend that everyone once had. At 25 years old, I have learned that I have a pineal tumor in my brain. After struggling through the referral from doctor to doctor with no hope of any answers, a neurosurgeon at the Skull Base Institute gave me the answers and hope that I have been desperately in need of. This surgeon specializes in removing tumors from complicated parts of the brain, which is important since the pineal gland is basically located in the center of your brain at the top of your spinal cord. I never realized the importance of this tiny gland until now. Most people never have to. Surgery has now been scheduled, and although it has given me the hope and answers I was looking for, I am still filled with fear. I continue to find strength in my family, friends, and God. “

Her Elysian family is interested in helping to make the huge financial burden a lot smaller. While her insurance is covering the bulk of the medical expense there are additional travel expenses to California and the portion not covered by insurance. Kim is responsible for over $45k in medical expenses which will be broken into monthly payments greater than her salary. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in contributing monetary donations please do so online at the link provided or to Kim’s sister, Sara. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Donations can be sent to: http://tinyurl.com/ord8lzd or Sara Engen, 1170 Quinella Dr., Billings, MT 59101


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