A note from our Nurse

Nutrition Note

This past month I have visited all grades at Elysian to talk about nutrition and making healthy choices. I asked the students to take a mental picture of MyPlate (choosemyplate.gov) and then at each meal try to have their own plate of food match that picture. Half the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. This is probably the greatest challenge even though fruits and veggies come in a wide variety of offerings: fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and juice. “Eat your veggies” continues to be good, solid advice. Our school lunch program serves two vegetables each day including snap peas, coleslaw, carrots, spinach, celery, potatoes, romaine lettuce, etc. I challenge you to do the same if your child eats cold lunch.

In Miss Mion’s 3rd grade class we talked about healthy snack choices. Snacks should have food from three different food groups; foods and drinks with lots of added sugar should be avoided. The students designed their own ‘Snack of Champions’ and they all had some tasty, creative ideas. I shared several with my niece, Olympic Gold medalist, Katie Ledecky and she gave them all a thumbs up.

I encourage all the students to “be the teacher” in their homes. As a result I hope you have heard about nutrients, myplate, and healthy choices at your dinner table.

Anne Nichols RN; School Nurse


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