Zone Change Request for Land Adjacent to Elysian School

Dear Parents,

A zone change request has been submitted by the Quarnburg Farming Corp. who owns the land immediately to the north and east of the school (almost 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile area – 126 acres). They have requested that the entire area be rezoned to Highway Commercial. At the School Board’s request, Mr. Whalen has met with the Quarnburgs to raise our concerns of traffic, safety, and compatibility with the school and the surrounding neighborhood. The Quarnburgs listened to the concerns, but they have not yet agreed to change their zoning request. See the attached letter from the School Board to the Zoning Commission and County Commissioners.

What you can do to help:

There are 2 public hearings for this request. The first is with the County Zoning Commission, on this coming Monday, September 8th at 4:00 PM on the 1st floor of the Miller Building, which is downtown at 2825 3rd Ave. North. We really need to have a large group present at that meeting, so please consider attending. It would also be helpful to write letters to the Planning Department, Zoning Commission, and County Commissioners. A list of contact information is below.

Nicole Cromwell, Zoning Coordinator: CromwellN

County Commissioners:

Jim Reno: jrenoJohn Ostlund: jostlund
Bill Kennedy: bkennedy

Thanks for your help!

Elysian School Board & Administration



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