Bake Sale Guidelines

I posted this on Facebook and thought I’d send it out here too.

I know it’s difficult to know what is ok and what isn’t for the "healthy bake sales". Here’s a tidbit from the guidelines I posted a month or so ago. The key is portion sizes…..

Snack foods meet the following criteria:
• No more than 30% of total calories come from fat
• No more than 10% of calories come from saturated fat
• No more than 35% added sugar by weight (except fresh, dried or canned fruits and vegetables)
• Portion size is limited to:
> Snack foods* are 1.25 ounce or less
> Cookies and cereal bars are 2 ounces or less
> Bakery items (muffins) are 3 ounces or less
> Frozen desserts, ice cream are 3 ounces or less
> Yogurt are 8 ounces or less
> Beverages (except water) are 12 ounces or less
Foods not recommended for sale include all large-sized portions, regular chips, and candy.
*Snack foods include chips, crackers, popcorn, cereal, trail mix, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and jerky.


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