Upcoming Events

Since the year is almost over I thought it would be helpful to see some of the upcoming events. They are always available on the school calendar if you misplace this email/blog post.

April 20-24:

April 23:
9 am Field Trip to Alberta Bair (Konzen)
6 pm Art Walk & Book-fair
6 pm Elysian Open House for upcoming Mill Levy election
6 pm Strings Music Concert

April 24
Bake Sale

May 1:
5-8th County Track Meet

May 4-8:
Maps Testing

May 8:
6-8th Grade All County Dance

May 12 & 14:
ACEC trips

May 12
1:30 pm Band / Guitar Concert

May 14
1:30 pm Choir Concert

May 19:
2 pm K-1 Spring Concert

May 20:
1:30 pm 4th Grade Concert

May 21:
2 pm 2-3rd Spring Concert

May 25:
No School

May 28:
6:30 pm 8th Grade Graduation

May 29:
12:30 Early Dismissal for Last day of School

If there is anything missing, let me know ASAP. I’ve pulled the info straight from our school calendar. I’d like to keep that updated as well.

Heather Gunsch


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