Attention 5-8th Grade Students and Parents: PE Bike Unit

Dear 5th – 8th grade students and parents,
After the track meet I am planning a bicycle unit for PE class. I am hoping that your child can bring in their bicycle and helmet for the 2nd and 3rd week of May to participate in some fun riding. They can bring their bike in and store it in the gym by my office and the west side of the gym. No one will be using our gym after May 9th, so their bike will be safe.

If you do not own a helmet I do have enough helmets for a class of 20ish that they may borrow. Also, some students may or may not have a bike and it would be awesome if any family has an extra bike to loan for those kiddos or if your child will allow another student to borrow their bike for a different class period that would be awesome too!

Finally, could you let me know if you have a bike and or a loaner by May 6th via emailing me at joditallman so I can get a feel for how many bikes will be arriving.

Thanks Much,
Jodi Tallman
PE/Health Teacher


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