My Designs

See the attached flyer in PDF format.

Plain Text Version:
Hello Elysian parents and students.

Miss Keltner and I would like to represent Elysian in the Montana Fair Youth Art.

Miss Keltner had saved several pieces of art to enter into the fair. Because of

the move and for safety reasons she had to return all the art work to the


If you would like to support our wonderful art department, please enter all your

art, with me. There is NEVER a bad piece of art. The money raised will go to

Elysian’s art department, to insure Miss Keltner has supplies for the year. If you

would like to enter with the school, call, text or email me. You may also enter

individually. Please follow the directions on the Montana Fair website.

All entries are due my July 24th. Please make sure each piece of art has a back

tag(see below). This will insure that the art work will get returned to you after

fair is over.

Thank you, and call, text or email with any questions.

Amanda Swander

Montana Youth Art Superintendent

406 861 2905




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