Report Cards & Summer Contact Info

Hello All, I have a few updates for everyone. First, we have a new phone system. If you call, the greeting will prompt you to choose who you’d like to talk to. Since we run a skeleton crew over the summer there are only three options for Bob, Laurie, and Barbara. In August, when I return to work, I will be added to the mix along with a few others. I will not be checking email or this page on a regular basis so please contact one of the three for assistance.

Report cards will be mailed soon. If you don’t have them by next Friday, June 12th, it could be because of a negative meal balance or over due library book. I will contact anyone with an overdue book via text so you know for sure why the report card was held. If you do not get a text from me, then your report card(s) are in the mail. The meal balance calls will continue to go out every Thursday and Sunday evening. Contact Laurie​ if you’d like to get that paid over the summer. Contact Erin​ for over due book replacement fees if the book cannot be located and returned to Elysian.

8th grade parents – your student’s schedules for their high school will be included with your report card.

Thanks for another great year. Have a great summer and I’ll see you all in August. for more info, staff directory of emails and calendar of events.

Heather Gunsch


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