Our Website

This may sound obvious, but don’t forget to check our website for answers to nearly every question you might have. This is especially helpful after school hours, weekends or during closures when you cannot call or email one of us for help.

The search function on the website is powerful and searches within headings but also within items attached to the website so it’s easy to locate what you are looking for. An example would be to search for the word "physical" to find the sports physical pdf form.

I’ve recently updated several sections and items including:

  • sports dates for cross country, football and girls basketball
  • staff names, grades and emails
  • pto officers
  • school schedule
  • menu
  • homepage
  • made the blog widget easier to read
  • bus routes
  • broadcast messages page
  • news page

Coming soon will be the 2016-17 Student Handbooks. Not sure what section to find them? Use the search feature to save some time.