PowerSchool Password Recovery

Hello Parents & Guardians,I’ve been in touch with a few parents who stated the recovery option for their PowerSchool information isn’t working. I have created a support case with PowerSchool to get this issue fixed. When I have more information, I will pass it along to everyone.

I am also working with our messaging service to enable custom text messages which will allow me to send a text to everyone with their access id and password id for each child. This will not replace the credentials you created but will help those who have not used PowerSchool in the past. You could also use this info to create a brand new set of login credentials if for some reason you’ve lost your information or changed email addresses. I hope to have this working soon but most likely it will not be ready before the first day of school since I’m dependent on support from both SchoolMessenger and PowerSchool to export and sync the appropriate data.

A reminder, if you are currently opted out of text message and would like to opt in, send a text to 68453 with the word YES in the body.