Attention 5th Grade Band Parents

The 5th grade band students are doing awesome work and will need to have their band book in class starting this next week. You can find it at Eckroth Music or Hansen Music here in Billings. The book they need has a red cover and is called Traditions of Excellence, Book 1 for their specific instrument.

Also, any reed instrument (saxophone and clarinet) should have two to three good reeds with them at all times. When students first learn how to put their instrument together, reeds tend to get broken or chipped on accident. They will get better with those reeds and will become more careful. You can purchase reeds from Mrs. Jones for $2 per reed or buy them from one of the music stores in town.

The kids will be bringing their band instruments home off and on to practice and that is wonderful! The more you can encourage your student to practice, the better they will become and the better they will feel about what they’re doing. 15-20 minutes per day or every other day is enough to get them going in the right direction. It will not sound pretty at first, but like anything, the more they put in, the more they will get out of playing their instrument.


Mrs. Jones