Attn 5th Grade Parents

Dear 5th grade parents,

I am very excited to be able to teach ukulele as part of our 5th grade general music class this year! Each student will be able to play a ukulele in class and learn the basics of playing a string instrument. Ukuleles are fun, great for smaller hands, and are easy to learn.

The ukuleles have a number and are assigned to a hanging hook in the music room. Each student will be assigned to a specific ukulele and therefor will be responsible for that ukulele. It is very important for the 5th graders to treat their instruments with respect and understand that they will be held accountable if their instrument is broken. These ukuleles are to remain in the music room and will be played during class only. The kids will be bringing home an instrumental rental contract with them. They will need to have both their signature and the parent/ guardian’s signature along with $10. This money will go towards the purchase music and strings. These instruments are brand new and we are so fortunate to be able to use them!

If anyone is more interested in purchasing a ukulele instead of paying $10 for the use of an instrument, you are welcome to do so and can find a quality instrument at Eckroth or Hansen Music in town for around $50. Also if anyone cannot pitch in the $10 due to financial circumstances, please send Mrs. Jones an email and let her know. We will find a way to make it work for everyone.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Jones