Attn Middle School Band & Choir Parents

Middle school band and choir parents,

You are invited! The last football game of the year is going to be held on October 15th at 10AM at Will James. As you probably already know, Elysian has teamed up with Canyon Creek in order to have a football team this year. The Wranglers will be facing off against the Elder Grove Outlaws in an epic battle! Please show your support for our football team and our musicians. Our band and choir have been working hard to prepare music for the occasion. The members of our middle school choir and band will combine with the students from Canyon Creek and Elder Grove to perform some collaborative pieces that should create some community between our schools. This is a great performance opportunity for your students and can count towards one of their required performances throughout the year.

Who: BAND students need to be ready to play at 9:15. We are going to run through our pep band tunes with the other schools as a warm-up.

CHOIR students need to be ready to sing at 9:30 to practice singing the National Anthem with the other choirs from Canyon Creek and Elder Grove.

What: This is a pep band and singing opportunity for our musicians. Band members should remember to bring their music binder with all of their music and instrument. Additional copies of music will not be provided at the game!

Where: Will James Middle School

When: October 15th – game starts at 10 AM

Band needs to be set up and ready to go by 9:15 AM

Choir needs to be there and ready by 9:30 and will perform at 9:55.

Why: For fun and bonus points for any student who shows up to perform!

What if: If you student plays in the band, sings in the choir AND is on the football team, they are encouraged to come and sing the National Anthem with the choir, but are not required to do so. I would not bring their band instrument to the game because they will be too busy to keep track of everything.

What to wear: Wear PINK! Everybody has been instructed to wear as much pink as they can. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and they will be selling pink shirts at the game to help raise money. FYI- it is October and this month can be a bit cold. This game is outside and it could be cold enough to wear some layers. Please wear warm enough clothes that you will be comfortable.

Let’s pack the house and cheer on our Wranglers!


Mrs. Jones