Attention: 4-8th Grade Students

Attention 4th-8th graders:Eastern Montana Youth Honor Choir is coming up soon! March 10th, which is a Friday, is the date of the honor choir. Students who are selected will travel with Mrs. Jones to Laurel High School to work with fabulous clinicians and sing in the concert that evening. If you are interested in auditioning, here are the dates.

4th grade – January 11th (next Wednesday) before or after school
5th grade – January 12th (next Thursday) before or after school
4th and 5th grade need to be able to sing a major scale (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do), match pitch, and sing in a round.

6th-8th grade – during choir class as part of your final grade on January 12th (next Thursday) You may elect to not participate in the honor choir. That is your choice.
*Any 6th-8th graders who are not in choir who would like to participate, please see Mrs. Jones to schedule a time to audition.
6th-8th grade need to be able to sing a major scale, clap a rhythm, sing back a pattern played on the piano, and be able to sing a chromatic scale.

If you have questions, please email Mrs. Jones at JodiJones.