Happy Summer & Reminders for Next Year

Hello all!

Wow, another year is almost under wraps! A huge thank you to all of our volunteers, parents, guardians and community members for everything you’ve done this past year to help our students become better versions of themselves. While they don’t always like to admit it, they follow our examples and the Elysian community does a great job showing them the way.

I know it’s a bit early but I’m outta here in a couple days for the summer, so here’s my reminder to everyone to take a look at our website for updates. Currently, the new calendar has been published and can be downloaded in pdf format or viewed via the calendar app of your choice, the school schedule is on the left side, supply lists are published and will be at the local stores whenever they put out school supplies and we’re taking new student registrations for anyone new to our district.

New bus routes are being developed and will be published in mid to late August.

New kindergarten parents: don’t forget we need birth certificates and immunizations before the first day of school. I’m back on August 9th and they can be dropped off at the school any time from that day forward or you can try in the mornings during the summer. Our administrators & clerk are in most mornings. You can also scan and email them to me at heathergunsch

New parents: Don’t forget to opt in to our school messenger texts. If you’re not sure if you have or not, send a text message to 68453 with the word YES in the body of the message. We communicate mostly through our blog, text & the PTO FB page. I’d encourage you to sign up for our blog posts too….any time we post, they are delivered to your inbox in the early evening. The link is on our website.

Elementary Class lists will be published a few days before school starts and can be viewed at the open house. Please do not call the office before the open house for this information. Due to fluctuations in enrollment, the class lists can change several times before the Open House.

Middle School: schedules are complete for all current students. Students and parents can use their (PowerSchool) PS log in info to view them. If you’ve misplaced your PS info, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the paper schedules are distributed (it’s noted on there).
6th graders – you’ll have a locker this year, so don’t forget to pick up some things to help you organize like magnets, sticky notes, pencil cups, etc.

Have a great summer! See you in August.

Heather Gunsch
Secretary, heathergunsch

Elysian School | District #23 | 6416 Elysian Road, Billings, MT 59101 | p. 406.656.4101 f. 406.656.9941